Property Refurbishment
You can’t look at your kitchen anymore? Has Your living room started to scare guests? Maybe your children have grown up but their room haven’t?

Everyone has a moment in life when they decide to change something in closet area. Sometimes it is enough to paint walls or refresh the cupboards, but sometimes you have to change everything.
In most cases when we plan to make only small changes, the „new” defects show. Then we have to fix or change the others to match with the new ones.
This is frustrating and annoying but don’t worry – our company is ready for every situation. It’s our pleasure to help you with your refurbishment – whether big or small. You can count on our help with each step – from planning project to the finishing details.

Loft conversions
That empty old loft space in your house should not be a „What to do with” problem anymore. It can become a new, exciting, and useful part of the home. Your loft has so many possibilities.
It can be a new bedroom, a play room for the kids, a home office, a studio, a kitchen, or any type of room that you can imagine or need. Our company will help you to make this a special and unique place. If you do not have any specialized plans, no worries. Our helpful staff can sit down with you and help you design a new look for that space.
Let us help you to picture those new possibilities and make them come true.

House Extensions
If you need more space for yourself or your family got bigger, you don’t have to look for new house. Sometimes, a better solution will be house extensions. Some places like the kitchen or bathroom need extensions to be more functional but additional room can be a good idea too.
There are so many opportunities: private cabinet, gym, playroom, music studio, or even a room for stuff that you never know what to do with. With our company, everything is possible. We can help you to create your vision or make your ideas come true. Let’s do it together and you will be surprised with effects.

You wont believe how new and great your old house looks!